The folks at Budapest's prestigious M55 e-bike studio have been far from idle since we brought news of the launch of the company's Terminus e-bike a few months ago. All of the remaining limited production run editions have now been released - including the Biceps model with the strange-looking front suspension system that's claimed to enhance safety and the "tailor-made" version, where buyers can combine favored aspects of any of the other available designs. Two other models have now been added to the catalog - one featuring customer-specified artwork and the other covered in sparkly gems and gold or silver trim.

The new variations draw many of their technical specs from the original Terminus edition, now renamed the Classic. There's a brushless electric assist motor that's said to be more than 90 percent efficient and delivers up to 110 Nm of rear-wheel torque, that striking CNC-machined 7075 Aluminum self-supporting frame available in 17- to 19-inch frame sizes, an A123 Lithium polymer battery pack and a bunch of top notch components from the likes of Shimano, Rohloff and White Brothers (together with custom-made M55 parts).

The Biceps edition swaps out the White Brothers suspension at the front for a patented single-arm front-suspension design with a CNC machined aluminum base reinforced with carbon-fiber. It's claimed to give this Terminus edition "buttery smooth" travel and eliminate the brake-dive effect. Suspension at the rear is the same Fox MXR Air shocks as other models in the limited 55 series.

As the name might suggest, the Airbrush edition is given a customer-designed paint job to further enhance the vehicle's unique status - from a subtle logo placed on the side, to the rider's name in a creative font, or a full-surface artistic exploration. This edition, like those that follow, features the White Brothers Groove 160 upside down front fork suspension.

If a custom paint job just doesn't deliver enough bling, M55 has introduced the Royal edition. Customers get to replace the paintwork with lots and lots of Swarovski crystals, or genuine gemstones, and gold or silver carbon textures are also available as options.

Prices for the Biceps, Airbrush and Royal editions start at a reassuringly expensive US$38,500 a piece.

Although every Terminus model is built to order and can be tweaked according to personal tastes, the Prime edition is offered as an anything you want edition. Buyers can take favored bits of other designs and incorporate them into this special personalized edition - as with all of the other Terminus varieties, each production run will be limited to 55 models. The cost of this edition will depend on what's included.

All prices include worldwide shipping, with a production window of up to three months. A donation to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation's actions for the preservation of the environment is also included in the asking price.

M55 has raised the bar on what's available in terms of power and range across the board. Customers can now choose an electric assist motor from 250W to 1500W for a top speed of up to 70km/h (43.5 mph), or specify more battery power to give a range increase of up to 100km (62 miles) on a single charge.

As for the original Terminus (Classic) edition, the company told us that the reception for the first edition e-bike has been astonishing, with the first series now almost sold out.

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