Dropper seat posts are becoming increasingly common on mountain bikes – among other things, they allow the rider to drop the saddle down out of the way when they’re adjusting their riding position on steep descents, but then pop it back up again afterwards. They do, however, require yet one more cable to strung along (or inside of) the frame. At this year’s Eurobike show in Germany, Magura has presented an alternative – the Vyron eLECT, which is the world’s first commercially-available wireless dropper seat post.

Along with the air-sprung seat post itself, the Vyron system also includes a handlebar-mounted pushbutton remote. It communicates with the post via the ANT+ wireless protocol, with one button-push dropping the saddle by as much as 150 mm, and then another raising it back to its previous height. A hydraulic clamp holds the post in place.

The remote is powered by a replaceable CR-2032 button battery, while the seat post utilizes a USB-rechargeable NiMH power pack. One charge should reportedly be good for about 400 actuations, and users can still get away with 20 more once the remote has given them a low-battery warning. Recharging from empty takes three hours.

Additionally, in order to save battery life, an accelerometer in the post automatically shuts the power off when the bike hasn’t moved for a while.

Magura’s eLECT family also includes an electronic suspension fork and rear shock, which users can likewise control using a handlebar remote. If owners of those products don’t want to have multiple remotes on their bar when they buy the Vyron, they can use one of the remotes to control all of the devices.

As an added bonus, because it’s wireless, the Vyron can be swapped between different bikes, as long as they have the same seat post diameter.

While other wireless dropper posts have been seen before in prototype form, Magura’s should be the first to actually reach the market. It will be available starting in November, in 30.9 and 31.6-mm diameters, priced at €400 (about US$455). The seat post and remote have a combined weight of 595 grams.

Source: Magura via Pinkbike

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