Remember Mailbox? The iPhone app with a fresh to-do list approach to email ... and an annoying reservation system to boot? Well, a lot has changed. Not only is it now owned by Dropbox, but the reservation system is long gone, and, starting today, it’s also available for the iPad.

If you’ve used the iPhone version, the iPad app is basically the same thing, only with multiple panes visible at once. Maybe the biggest item of note here is that the app is landcape only. Portrait-mode emailers need not apply.

Otherwise, all of the familiar goodies that we liked so much in Mailbox for iPhone are here. Simple, intuitive swipes to archive or delete. Swipes in the other direction to “snooze” an email (be reminded about it later) or add it to a list.

Mailbox isn’t a radical overhaul of email, and we’re not even sure that would be possible. But it is a slightly different take on it, with an interface that’s both easy and fun to use.


Mailbox is still an iOS exclusive, though its creators told The Next Web that an Android version is still in the works. There's no timetable on that, or on missing features like labels and a priority inbox.

Mailbox also only works with Gmail. On last check, the developers were planning on eventually expanding to support other email providers. For now, though, no dice for Yahoo, Outlook, or other email users.

Mailbox is a universal app (iPhone and iPad), and it’s still free. You can check out our full review of the iPhone version for more.

Source: App Store, via The Next Web

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