Mamiya Lens-interchangeable Digital SLR Camera

Mamiya Lens-interchangeable Digital SLR Camera
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Japanese company Mamiya have been producing professional quality cameras since 1940 and are a world leader in high end imaging. Now they've entered the digital age with the Mamiya ZD and ZD Back - a lens interchangeable digital SLR camera and a digital backend to expand your photography options. Both models also come with a staggering 36 x 48mm, 22 million-pixel CCD to generate stunning high-resolution images.

The Mamiya ZD is a digital SLR camera that accepts also the range of Mamiya 645AF interchangeable lenses. The Mamiya ZD Back is a digital camera back compatible with the popular Mamiya 645AFD film camera and the newly released Mamiya RZ67Pro-IID. It features interactive communications through the MSCE (Mamiya Serial Communication for Extrenal) interface, enabling full use of all the advanced digital functions. The ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) processes images in real-time, optimising image data from the CCD.

There are built in slots for memory cards on both the Mamiya ZD and the Mamiya ZD Back that can be utilised without a tether. A low-pass filter cartridge is available as an optional extra on the Mamiya ZD, making it easy to exchange with other filters. Mamiya Digital Photo Studio software is in development to provide an interface from image capture and editing to processing, which when connected to a computer will allow it to control many functions of the cameras.

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