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Man-Machine World Champion chess match in VR

Man-Machine World Champion chess match in VR
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Friday November 14, 2003The world's number one chess player Garry Kasparov is locked in another Man-Machine World Champion chess match against a computer known as X3D Fritz. The games are being played in X3D virtual reality - the board floats in the air in front of Kasparov who executes his moves using voice recognition.The first game was an edge-of-the-seat 37-move draw with aggressive moves from both players. The series is being conducted under time control rules where players have two hours to make 40 moves. After move 40 each gets one more hour for the next 20 moves and then it kicks-up to 15 minutes plus a three second increment per move until the game is complete to complete all the remaining moves of the game.Kasparov became youngest world champion ever at 22 years of age in 1985 and has held the number one ranking ever since. X3D Fritz became computer world champion in 1995 after beating Deep Blue. NEWS UPDATESX3D Fritz wins game two (Saturday Nov, 15):X3D Fritz took game two of the match after Garry Kasparov made a fatal blunder. See the X3D Technologies Corp. site for the full report: Kasparov takes game three against X3D Fritz (Monday Nov, 17):Garry Kasparov has bounced back from his loss on Friday to win game three against the awesome processing power of X3D Fritz. Kasparov played a "picture-perfect" game forcing the computer - which can see almost four million positions per second - to submit after five hours of play.Man vs Machine World Chess Championship ends in draw (Thursday Nov, 20):After treading a delicate path in game four, Garry Kasparov has drawn both the final game and the match against X3D Fritz in the virtual reality Man vs Machine World Chess Championship. See article 2363 for the full story.

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