Pre-sale registrations are now open for the Manta5, a Kiwi-built, 400-watt hydrofoiling e-bike that lets you ride effortlessly on water like a life-jacketed, 2,000-year-old Jewish carpenter on a fitness kick. These look like an extraordinarily cool recreational and exercise toy for anyone who lives near a large body of water and who's learned the hard way to stop changing it into wine.

First unveiled last year, the Manta5 uses an aircraft-grade aluminum frame with carbon fiber hydrofoils and propeller. At 22 kg (48 lb) it's light enough to carry on your shoulder as you walk the distance between your car and the water. The rear hydrofoil is about 2 meters (6 ft, 7 in) wide, so fitting it into the trunk of a car would be as hard as pushing a camel through the eye of a needle if it didn't come apart to travel.

Once bolted together, it floats in the water, and you're ready to get on and start pedaling. The first bit's the hardest, as you have to raise yourself out of the water onto the hydrofoil before things become super easy. It's possible without electric assistance, but you'll likely find it as physically taxing as upturning the tables of money lenders. Far better to rely on its 400 watts of pedal assistance to get the job done, and then cruise along while you're up there at a speed between 11-14 km/h (6.8-8.7 mph), enjoying the splendid scenery your dad's put together.

The Manta5 gives you a full hour's worth of super-aquatic exploration and exercise on a single charge (assuming an 85 kg/187 lb rider; you'll get more if you're as slim as you look in the statues). It might be worth packing a loaf and a fish or two as well, because you're likely to attract a multitude of onlookers.

To get yourself on the pre-order list, simply render unto Manta5 your email address. The price is yet to be released, but will likely exceed 30 pieces of silver. Let he who is without debt cast the first reservation.

The Manta5 is slated for delivery in early 2019. Enjoy a video of it in action below.

Source: Manta5

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