We've spent a lot of time covering overland expedition vehicles of late thanks to the recent Overland Expo and Abenteuer und Allrad shows. The all-new Marq concept from Quantis GmbH may be our favorite of the bunch. An interesting blend of function and fashion, the prototype design features a clean, modern shell atop a rugged, military-style Land Rover Defender 130 chassis. It also has an efficient, versatile interior. This vehicle is ready to ride anywhere and everywhere and look pretty damn cool doing it.

The Marq concept represents a new area of exploration for German industrial design firm Quantis GmbH. The company is experimenting with a scalable removable camper module that occupies the space between full-scale series production and specially built custom camper. It imagines offering a number of styles and sizes for a range of vehicles, including Land Rover Defender 130 and 110, Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes G-Class and Volkswagen Transporter platforms.

Quantis debuted the Marq 1.1 concept at last week's Abenteuer und Allrad (Adventure and All-Wheel) show. The first prototype is a four-person pop-top with above-cab extension built on a Land Rover Defender 130. The fiberglass sandwich camper body reminds us a bit of an XPCamper V1 with some of the sleekness of a Cudoo modular home. Unlike other expedition vehicle camper modules, which attempt to look at least partially as rugged as the 4x4s they're built on, the Marq 1.1 creates a captivating contrast of smooth, modern architecture and utilitarian off-road travel. The military-green paint of the Defender cab deepens this visual contrast.

As interesting as its exterior aesthetic is, the Marq 1.1's use of interior space may be its crowning highlight. The design manages to sleep four in a unique layout that includes a double bed in the above-cab alcove, a single fold-out bed against the rear wall, and a single fold-out bed on the driver-side wall (assuming a left-hand-drive base vehicle). The sleeping arrangement is layered so that the driver-side-wall sleeper is above the rear-wall sleeper and the two double-bed sleepers are on the highest level. That gives each bed clear access to the chemical toilet-equipped bathroom and exit without any issues stumbling over or waking up fellow occupants.

On the wall opposite the compact washroom, the Marq 1.1 has a kitchen area with stainless steel sink, double-burner stove, compressor fridge and storage. With the addition of a cushion, the kitchen block doubles as the support for the driver-side-wall bed. The combination of tall transparent door and large picture rear window provide generous views outside.

In addition to providing a functional living space, the layout of the interior also keeps the bulk of the Marq 1.1's weight over top the rear axle of the Defender. The empty unit's natural center is well back of the axle, but by putting the kitchen, bathroom and above-cab alcove up front, Quantis is able to push weight forward for better vehicle performance. Also up front within a storage compartment are the gas tank, Truma 2000 air heater, battery and electrical components, and storage space with four folding chairs. The rear of the interior is much lighter and simpler, holding only bench seating and under-seat storage.

Quantis says that it has tested the off-road integrity of the Marq 1.1 design in Iceland. It plans to begin production later this year and estimates pricing between €20,000 (approx. US$22,700) for an empty camper cabin and €40,000 for a fully equipped module. Quantis has also rendered different shapes and sizes of Marq camper models and says that the interior design is very flexible, so it may offer a variety of different designs in the future.

Source: Quantis Marq

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