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Marvel's MicroSentry real-time fridge temperature monitoring

Marvel's MicroSentry real-time...
Marvel Luxury Series
Marvel Luxury Series
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Marvel Luxury Series
Marvel Luxury Series

April 15, 2008 Refrigerator maker Marvel has unveiled new technology allowing real-time temperature monitoring. Known as "MicroSentry ", the technology promises a new level of functionality delivering consistent and precise temperature control for food, wine and beverage storage.

While most fridge displays show only the temperature set point, MicroSentry monitors references the set temperature, measures the temperature of the cooling compartment, then responds by adjusting the compartment temperature as needed. An digital LED display relays the actual temperature of the drinks and the monitor has visible and audible alarms that protect storage quality by signaling if the temperature falls below or rises above the set point for a period of time, or if a door is left ajar.

MicroSentry is designed to take the worry out of food and drink preservation by ensuring that items are always being stored at the ideal temperature - particularly in kitchens where the refrigerator is used frequently.

The technology is incorporated into the company's Luxury Series designed for beverage refrigeration at home along with additional new design features such as a lighted, inclined display shelf to showcases favorite wines, solid white maple trim on wine racks (that can be stained to complement virtually any color scheme, style or décor), wine racks to hold all bottle shapes and a clean, contemporary look with digital touch controls providing an easy interface for setting the desired temperature.

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