Another massive Diamond Vision display from Mitsubishi, this time in Japan

Another massive Diamond Vision display from Mitsubishi, this time in Japan
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NFL football fans will no doubt be familiar with Mitsubishi's world-record HD displays at Dallas Cowboy's stadium, the largest measuring 22m high by 49m wide on the sidelines. This week the company announced the installation of another enormous Diamond Vision screen, this time at Hakodate Racecourse at home in Japan.

Measuring 17 m wide x 7 m high, this LED screen will have a 10 mm dot pitch (i.e. 10 mm between 'pixels'), and will nicely complement the 15 m x 8 m display already installed at Hakodate. The display will be put into operation on June 19th, replacing the old CRT screen (also a Mitsubishi) that was installed back in 1996.

The new display can be used to show two sources of content: it can be used to show race footage - both local and remote - as well as race odds and other information to help racing fans pick a winner.

Mitsubishi's Diamond Vision screens are being used in sport stadiums and racetracks the world over, the most recent and most enormous one being at a racetrack in Dubai back in January measuring 4255 inches (or about 108m).

Here are some more specs of the new Hakodate display:

  • Size: 735 inches x 277 inches, 17.28 m x 7.04 m
  • Video area: 491 x 277 inches, or 12.48 m x 7.04 m
  • Race result area: 491 x 188 inches, or 12.48 m x 4.8 m
  • Dot pitch: 0.39 inches, or 10mm
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1 comment
Wow.. what a screen. I wonder what the contrast ratio is haha. I work for Sharp and I wonder if we could make an LED TV that big? I guess you\'d need too many LEDs.