Maxell Digital Pen to use Anoto system

Maxell Digital Pen to use Anoto system
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Thursday August 7, 2003

Maxell have announced the introduction of a "digital pen" based on the Anoto system. The pen stores everything you write on the specially imprinted pad in digital format by sending it directly to computer using a Bluetooth link.

The Anoto System uses a digital camera and advanced image-processor contained within the pen to transmit data wirelessly from paper to computer. The digital pen can be used on any piece of ordinary paper that has been printed with a special proprietary pattern visible to the naked eye only as a slightly off-white colour. When writing, the pen's camera takes infrared snapshots of this tiny grid more than every 1/50 second and the image processor converts this information into 'writing' in real-time.

The Maxell device is USB 2.0 compatible and the battery provides two hours of continuous use with 10 hours standby time - further details of the DP-101B digital pen were not available at the time of publication, but samples of the initial version are expected to be released in late August 2003.

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