Mazda to debut Sports Concept, Hydrogen Rotary Engine

Mazda to debut Sports Concept, Hydrogen Rotary Engine
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Tuesday October 21, 2003

Mazda will debut two new concepts at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show including the two-seat Ibuki concept - an open-top, lightweight sports car that hints at a possible design direction of a future Mazda Roadster - and a hydrogen version of the RENESIS rotary engine.

Ibuki concept

The Mazda Ibuki concept (the name comes from a Japanese word that refers to "breathing new energy into" and "adding vigor") reaches back to its 1989 origins, maintaining the simple and clean design that could emerge in future Roadster/MX-5 models.

The Ibuki is powered by a MZR 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engine and has a "super front-midship layout" (as also found in the Mazda RX-8) that places all major components within the wheelbase. Compared with the layout in the current Mazda Roadster/MX-5, the engine is positioned approximately 400mm further to the rear, while the air
conditioner unit is located behind the seats.

Mazda RX-8 Hydrogen RE (Prototype)

This concept vehicle powered by the Mazda RENESIS hydrogen rotary engine is now undergoing running tests.

The hydrogen version of RENESIS aims to satisfy the demand for both environment-friendliness and high-performance on the road by utilising unique rotary-engine
Technologies. The RX-8 Hydrogen RE powerplant has direct hydrogen injection into
the intake chambers via two electronically-controlled injectors per rotor as well as a dual-fuel system that allows one-touch switching between hydrogen and gasoline.

Mazda is also presenting a hybrid system with electric torque assist and start-stop technology, a turbocharger with electric motor assistance at the 2003 Tokyo Motor Show which begins on October 25.

The 37th Tokyo Motor Show will be held at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center in Chiba City and open to the public from Saturday, October 25th to Wednesday November 5th, 2003.

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