Earlier this year, Italian sports car boutique Mazzanti sent its muscled-up, twin-turbo Evantra Millecavalli storming out of the garage. It was a dramatic leap up from the standard 751-hp Evantra, leaving some serious space between the two. Mazzanti has filled part of that space with the all-new Evantra 771 pack, which brings 771 hp, Millecavalli-inspired aerodynamics and a striped electric-blue suit that makes for the flashiest Evantra we've laid eyes on.

The Evantra is a good enough-looking car, but every time we've seen a new version debut, it's been wearing rather plain livery – solid whites, grays, light blues, etc. In fact, the most interesting look it's had in the past was the test camouflage it wore at Top Marques 2014.

With the new 771 pack, Mazzanti finally steps outside the safe, quiet brushing, putting a little more flair into the Evantra lineup. Debuted at the Bologna Motor Show earlier this month, the first example of the Evantra 771 has a reflective blue body accented by gold striping, wheels, and aerodynamic components, giving it a positively track-ready look. The color combination comes from the company's logo, and we think it brings the muscular Evantra to life much better than the plain colors of Evantras past. There's also prominent "771" badging all over.

While we dig the look, we can't help but feel it would be more appropriate for the 1,000-hp Millecavalli.

Beyond its loyal colors and the extra 20 horses stampeding around the naturally aspirated 7.0-liter V8 engine, the 771 Pack brings an aerodynamics package influenced by the Millecavalli program. This includes the new front splitter, revised roof air intake, expanded rear wing and restyled mirrors.

Each 771 interior will be customized around the "personality and the exigencies of each client." Mazzanti plans to offer the 771 pack beginning next year, both on all-new Evantras and retrofitted to existing cars.

Source: Mazzanti

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