When it revealed the 570S GT4 race car earlier this year, McLaren mentioned that a 570S Sprint track car would be forthcoming. It took a few months, but now the 570S Sprint is here, having made its debut at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Unrestricted by the rules of race or road, the 570S Sprint offers plenty of power and torque, along with a newly tuned ride that's hungry for the nearest track. In short, it's the "most track-focused model in the McLaren Sports Series lineup."

Sliding between the standard 570S Coupe and the 570S GT4, the Sprint shares pieces of both, including the 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 and seven-speed SSG transmission. McLaren is clear that power and torque have been optimized, but it doesn't quantify its definition of "optimum." The standard car produces 562 hp (419 kW) and 443 lb-ft (600 Nm).

Like the GT4 car, the 570S Sprint's MonoCell II carbon fiber chassis-based construction is reinforced with an internal FIA-approved roll cage. The spartan, race-inspired interior features an FIA-approved flat-back driver's seat, optional passenger seat, six-point racing harnesses and a fire extinguisher system.

The 570S Sprint gets some other upgrades derived from the GT4, including the GT3-inspired high temp radiator and the big hood nostrils that go with it. Also present are the aggressive front splitter and revised floor assembly.

The Sprint's "shrink wrapped" bodywork, on the other hand, comes from the 570S Coupe. Its front bumper channels air above, below and through that bodywork. McLaren adds the big carbon fiber fixed rear wing and front dive planes, giving the Sprint the most downforce of any car in its Sports Series.

The Sprint doesn't get the suspension upgrades of the GT4, instead relying on the double wishbones and anti-roll bars from the Coupe. It rides on center-locking cast magnesium wheels rolled in Pirelli racing slicks.

The McLaren 570S Sprint starts at £148,000 (approx. US$197,000) and deliveries will begin in 2017. For those that decide they want a full-blown race car, McLaren will also offer a GT4 compliance pack.

Just because you didn't make it to Goodwood doesn't mean you've missed your chance to see the new Sprint in action. Check it out in the video clip below.

Source: McLaren

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