Fireworks leave toxic metals lingering in the air, study finds

Fireworks leave toxic metals l...
A new study has found pollution from fireworks may damage the health of humans and animals
A new study has found pollution from fireworks may damage the health of humans and animals
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A new study has found pollution from fireworks may damage the health of humans and animals
A new study has found pollution from fireworks may damage the health of humans and animals

Fireworks are a surefire way to create a spectacle of color and light, but research has revealed these dazzling displays could pose a health risk. A study that is said to be the first to look at the impacts of firework exposure on human cells and animals, has found a range of harmful toxins can linger in the air once the lights go out.

The research was carried out by scientists NYU Langone Health, who looked at air quality samples collected from dozens of sites across the US, spanning a timeframe of 14 years. Through this analysis, the team found particularly high concentrations of toxic metals around Independence Day and New Year’s Eve.

Fireworks give off their striking array of colors when metals contained within them are subjected to high temperatures. These commonly include lead, titanium, strontium and copper. With the knowledge that these remain in the air following a fireworks display, the team drew up some experiments to explore the potential effects on humans and animals.

“Although people are only exposed to these substances for a short time each year, they are much more toxic than the pollutants we breathe every day,” says study senior author Terry Gordon.

In the lab, the scientists detonated a handful of fireworks commonly sold in the US, including Black Cuckoo, the Color-Changing Wheel and the Blue Storm firecracker. They captured the particles these explosions emitted and then exposed human lung cells and several dozen mice to them, at doses estimated to be similar to the pollutants a New Yorker would inhale during a day in Manhattan.

In doing so, the team observed a significant increase in oxidation, a normally healthy process in the human body but one that can cause damage to cells and DNA when its activity is heightened. This was linked with lung inflammation in the mice, while the Back Cuckoo firework was found to be the most harmful, causing 10 times more damage to the human cells than a nontoxic saline solution used as a control.

“While many are careful to protect themselves from injury from explosions, our results suggest that inhaling firework smoke may cause longer-term damage – a risk that has been largely ignored,” says Gordon.

The scientists see this as early days for their research, with plans to explore the effects of repeated exposure to fireworks as opposed to a single instance. They plan to share the results of the work with public health officials to raise awareness about the risks.

The research was published in the journal Particle and Fibre Toxicology.

Source: NYU Langone Health

Captain Obvious
Conclusion: "More research is needed" so these folks can shoot off more fireworks and get paid for it.
Rocky Balboa Jr
Funny how this article comes out when Americans are wanting to celebrate the memory of their successful war of independence against a monarchical tyranny which lasts today after more than 250 years. For several hundreds of years fireworks have been used to celebrate all sorts of events throughout the world including the former USSR (which only lasted 69 years!) without talk of possible sickness from it. Hope this is just a coincidence and not intended to dissuade people from celebrating the memory of the forming of our Great nation?
Give me a break. So don't get so close that you snort this concoction. No S@it! it can hurt you. BS to sell newspapers and maybe an attempt to change our country.
Happy Independence Day, Americans! Celebrate with those toxic heavy metals, which are so loud, so boldly scented, and so beautifully bright. They're the little brothers of the bombs we use (when we must) to keep the world safe and free from tyranny. This is no coinkydink, Rocky. We're awash in evil entities who wish to take our country and our people down even today. Let us stand tall and fight them as we strive to find safer compounds for our patriotic artistry.
With all due respect for those having strong feelings about special dates and occasions, I find fireworks the most archaic and dumbest way to have fun. Besides mentioned above, it is traumatizing for kids and some veterans to hear explosions. If you miss this kind of show get yourself a grinder, a welding machine and put them to the proper use.