MEDL Technology recently showed off its fully functional, multi-purpose 13 inch display at the Spring DEMO conference in California. With its own power source and a number of connectivity options, The Panel not only offers extra screen real-estate to business and consumer laptop users but also to anyone wishing to show off a photo collection direct from a digital camera or watch a movie on the move or make gaming less reliant on complicated timeshare schedules being drawn up for the family TV.

Last Summer Gizmag featured a seven inch high 800 x 480 resolution USB solution to the problem of extra screen space on the move. The pivoting Mimo Mini 710 featured built-in graphics and was powered by the device to which it was connected. But it didn't provide too much more display real-estate. The prototype Panel from MEDL Technology rectifies that minor gripe.

Having its own Li-ion power source (which is claimed to give up to five hours between charges), the Panel is not going to drain the life from the device to which it is connected. And that connectivity is not limited to laptops and computers, with mini-USB, mini-HDMI, VGA, S-video and DVI on offer the bright 300 cd/m² 13in 1280 x 800 LED backlit display can easily be hooked up to a digital camera for showing off photographs or to a portable media player or DVD player as an extra or larger viewing area or to gaming platforms like the Xbox and PS3.

At just 2.2lbs, the 12.72 x 8.46 x 0.96in display is not going to prove too much of an extra weight burden or space hog in a laptop bag or briefcase. Once connected to a device, the Panel is ready to use within ten seconds and the 400:1 contrast ratio should make for comfortable viewing in a number of different lighting conditions.

Hong Kong's MEDL Technology presented its prototype at the DEMO conference in California and is currently looking to bring it to market.

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