Team America is ready to go. MegaBots, Inc released a hype-tastic video this morning of its final, combat-ready, 16-foot-tall Eagle Prime machine, and announced it's ready to take on the Japanese Kuratas in the world's first giant robot fight.

After throwing down an international challenge back in 2015 and beating up on a Toyota Prius a couple months ago, team MegaBots has announced it's ready to rumble. Eagle Prime, the combat-ready version of this giant tank-tracked robot, weighs 12 tons, stands 16 feet tall and packs some 430 horsepower.

The team has released a bunch of new photos, which give us our first look into the pilot's cockpit and rear gunner's control panel of this hulking 2-seater. You can go through them in the gallery.

Eagle Prime is faster than you might expect – at least on its feet. The video shows it opening giant garage doors, drifting sideways around slalom corners as its torso leans into the turns, smashing through piles of barrels, blasting targets with its paintball (and fireball) cannons, and finally ripping the driver shield off the MegaBots MkII prototype. Just watch, it's jolly fun:

Team Japan, on the other hand, has been eerily silent since accepting the fight challenge in 2015. So while we're now fully aware of Eagle Prime's capabilities, we haven't the foggiest idea what Suidobashi Heavy Industries has been up to, or even what the Kuratas looks like at this stage. We've contacted them for comment and will update you if and when we hear back.

Source: MegaBots Inc

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