At the Beijing Auto Show on Sunday, Mercedes Benz took the wraps off its new Concept Coupé SUV. Building on the compact GLA SUV launched last year, the new concept flags the company's intentions to carve out a new class merging on and off-road vehicle design.

The all-wheel drive Concept Coupé SUV stands at around 1.75 m (5.75 ft) tall, almost 5 m (16 ft) in length and has a width of about 2 m (6.5 ft). The four-door coupe is finished in Mercedes' chrome "Alu-Beam" in a tip of the hat to the company's iconic SIlver Arrow of the 1930s and '50s.

The Coupé SUV bears an upright sports grille flanked by all-LED Multibeam headlamps and illuminated side sills that are a step away from the GLA SUV and are designed to resemble those of a typical SUV or off-road vehicle.

The rear end emphasizes the sports and luxury factor of the vehicle, borrowing design elements from the S-Class Coupé with a slim band of rear lights and a registration plate integrated with the bumper. All of this sits atop flush-fitted 22-inch wheels fitted with 305/45 R 22 tires. A variable dynamic control system, dubbed "Dynamic Select Control," enables four different transmission modes with a programmable setup.

Mercedes hasn't revealed any performance figures, but says that the Concept Coupé SUV "illustrates the possibilities of a more sporty and dynamic 'on-road line'," and hinting at the expansion of its "previously uniform SUV off-roader family," suggesting the company is looking to more fully embrace the popularity of SUV vehicles amongst consumers who rarely, if ever, venture off-road.

You can see Mercedes' newest concept from all angles by clicking through to the gallery.

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