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Mercedes-Benz fully-automatic pushbike

Mercedes-Benz fully-automatic pushbike
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March 10, 2005 Mercedes-Benz is launching a new push bike model with an 8-speed automatic gearshift system – a high-technology pushbike with an emphasis on elegance, safety and exceptional comfort. Through its electronically controlled air suspension, a new type of 8-speed automatic gearshift system and its sensor-controlled lights, the bike adapts automatically to prevailing conditions, delivering an enjoyable riding experience under all circumstances – just as you would expect from other Mercedes product. The central on-board computer, controlled by the “flight deck” on the front section of the handlebars lies at the heart of the “Cyber Nexus” technology.

Data, such as speed of travel, the gear currently selected and the damper setting can be read off the “dashboard.” The computer combines and processes the parameters of pedal downstroke frequency and speed to select the optimum setting for suspension and ratio. The rider then scarcely notices gear changes or adjustments to the damper setting.

In addition to being able to select from the three preset drive programs of “light”, “normal” or “sporty”, the rider can also manually change all settings. The bike’s intelligent lights are a further guarantee for comfort and safety.

Headlamps and a rear light are automatically switched on and off by sensors. The rear lights flashes as the bike brakes to indicate possible dangers to any road users travelling behind the bike.

The rear light also offers a parking light function. Roller-type brakes which remain unaffected by wet conditions round off the outstanding range of safety equipment fitted to the Automatic Bike. The Mercedes-Benz Premium Bike is available in frame heights of 48 and 54

View gallery - 5 images
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