Long-haul flights can a tedious and uncomfortable experience. If you're going to be stuck on plane for the best part of 12 hours or more, though, a touch of luxury may go some way to improving the experience. New VIP cabin designs from Mercedes-Benz Style and Lufthansa would offer just that.

The two companies have partnered to design some new high-end aircraft cabin concepts for medium- and long-haul flights, with a view to bringing them to fruition. Mercedes says the concepts take an entirely new approach to the aircraft cabin.

Firstly, the traditional separation of ceiling, wall and floor has been replaced. The floor, wall and ceiling instead flow into each other, giving rise to independent spaces unlike those typically seen on planes.

Renderings show long couches, comfortable individual seats and large spaces for reclining. The concepts look more like an expensive bar than a cabin on an airplane. There will be no legroom issues here.

Amongst the other features are windows that can be electrically made transparent or dimmed to black to block out sunlight. Mercedes says displays and touchscreens could be integrated into the panels.

Mercedes-Benz Style and Lufthansa are planning to evaluate the level of interest in the concepts over the coming months, and to develop them further.

Source: Daimler

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