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MetroNap PODS - power napping for productivity

MetroNap PODS - power napping for productivity
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July 12, 2005 MetroNaps is a new take on an old idea – providing purpose-built comfortable facilities for a daytime powernap in city locations. The concept of daytime naps was once a ritualistic part of all our lives as children and in many latin and equatorial countries, the siesta is still a part of the culture. Even NASA has investigated the benefits of controlled naps and found was that performance was improved 34 percent and alertness improved 54 percent.

Based on research conducted at Carnegie Mellon University the MetroNap Pod is designed to provide a recharge pod for meditation and power-napping so they can do more with their day, both professionally and personally.

MetroNaps opened its first location in the Empire State Building in New York in May 2004 and plans expansion through putting its pods into stores, corporations and by leasing the pods to interested parties.

Isn’t it ironic that a cultural artifact which has all but been banished in the never-ending drive for efficiency and productivity should resurface marketed as a tool to increase productivity and alertness.

A 20 minute nap in a Powerpod will set you back US$14 or you can buy a pod and instal it in your office for around US$8000

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