Parisian purveyor of luxury feline furniture Meyou takes the view that if you bother outfitting your house with nice furniture, the effect shouldn't be ruined by tacky cat toys. With this in mind, the firm recently unveiled its plush beds for discerning cats and their indulgent owners.

The feline furniture line currently comprises only three cat beds, though more ideas are planned in the future, including scratch pads and cat trees. The Cube consists of a soft cotton-based cocoon housed within a metal frame, while The Ball is virtually identical, except for a slightly different wooden frame. Both rise to a height of 40 cm (15.75 in).

The Bed consists of a small table with a felt cat dome atop, and measures a total height of 64 cm (25.19 in). A number of color options are available and the fabric can be replaced when your ungrateful cat inevitably destroys it.

Meyou has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds to bring its cat furniture to large-scale production. You'll need to stump up a minimum of €125 (roughly US$142) to pledge for a Cube bed, the Ball is listed for €219 and the Bed for €299. Other pledges include some cat ball toys thrown in, and multiple furniture units.

Assuming all goes to plan, shipping is estimated for sometime in March, 2016.

Check out the pitch video below for more details on the cat furniture.

Sources: Meyou, Kickstarter

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