Microsoft has released a 3D printing application for Windows 8.1 called 3D Builder. It allows users to view, design and prepare objects for printing and includes a library of editable objects to help users familiarize themselves with the software.

Microsoft is a emphasizing the accessibility of 3D Builder, describing it as "fun" and ‘"easy-to-use". In a blog post announcing the release of the application, Kristina Libby of Microsoft says, “We’re entering an exciting new era in which everyone will be able to create and print three dimensional objects. Just imagine being able to print a spare part for a household appliance, or creating your own jewelry line of custom 3D-printed earrings.”

Support for 3D printing is native to Windows 8.1, meaning that the operating system has built in functionality, such as plug and play capability for 3D printers. It also recognizes various 3D printing file-types so objects designed in other applications or that have downloaded from the internet can also be printed.

3D Builder is free and available now to download from the Windows Store.

Source: Microsoft

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