After Microsoft started offering the Xbox One without the Kinect sensor earlier this year to better complete with Sony's PS4, it was only a matter of time before a standalone Kinect was released. That time has now arrived, with a standalone Kinect to be available from October 7.

Microsoft claims that since it started offering the Xbox One without the Kinect sensor back in June for US$399, sales for the console have doubled. But along with a big bump in Xbox One sales, the company says demand has also risen significantly for the Kinect sensor.

Demand is presumably coming from those who are having second thoughts about opting for the Kinect-free Xbox One or were short on cash when making their initial purchase and always intended to snap up a standalone Kinect when they became available.

The sensor beefs up the Xbox One's functionality with voice and gesture control capabilities that enable features such as biometric sign-in, voice control of TVs and set-top boxes via HDMI-in, instant scanning of QR codes, Skype video chat and enhanced gameplay for compatible titles.

The standalone Kinect sensor for Xbox One will be priced at $150 and include a digital download of Dance Central Spotlight.

Source: Xbox