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Microwave modem enables cost-effective rural communications

Microwave modem enables cost-effective rural communications
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World-leading wireless microwave modem technology developed by South Australian company Inspiration Technology has paved the way for cost-effective telecommunications in remote and rural communities all over the world. Inspiration Technology modems allow telecommunications carriers and private network owners to set up high-speed broadband Internet and telephony infrastructure, without the cost of satellite or the logistical challenges of hard-wiring fibre or cable.In a major win for the Adelaide firm, wireless solutions provider LongReach Wireless will incorporate the technology into innovative advanced microwave radio communication platforms, with the aim to create a multimillion-dollar export business and reduce Australia's dependence on imported telecommunications equipment.Inspiration Technology Managing Director Barbara Warcok said LongReach Wireless would use the modems to develop a suite of technologically superior products.'Our technology will allow LongReach Wireless to build new network infrastructure or integrate its products with existing infrastructure,' Ms Warcok said. 'That includes networks operated by a carrier such as Telstra right through to private, semi-private and public organisations such as police, emergency services and defence forces.'Inspiration's modems provide high data rates, use available spectrum more efficiently and have a high digital component, making the end product low maintenance, more reliable and substantially cheaper to implement. The modems also have a small footprint, which makes them easy to install in existing communications towers.Inspiration has been backed by a $300,000 R&D Start Grant and investment byPlayford Capital,South Australia's ICT initiative.Late last year LongReach Wireless won a $1.4 million R&D Start Grant that includes incorporating Inspiration's modem technology into a wireless platform that supports both IP and legacy (TDM based) transmission systems for voice.LongReach Wireless Chief Technology Officer Andrew Cain said his company selected Inspiration as its technology partner after an exhaustive search.'We were introduced to Inspiration through Telstra's specialist wireless team inAdelaide,' Mr Cain said. 'The company has a unique technology skill set that we haven't been able to find elsewhere.'Ms Warcok said that LongReach Wireless was an ideal partner for Inspiration, providing a market reach that would not be feasible for its 10-person team.'We have unique advanced modem engineering skills, while LongReach Wireless has more than a century of experience in the marketplace through its predecessor AWA, an Australian electronics icon,' Ms Warcok said.LongReach microwave radios were originally developed by AWA for the harsh Australian terrain and are now deployed in more than 50 countries.'The majority of companies that would use our designs are based overseas, so it's a great pleasure to be working with an Australian success story like LongReach,' she said.About Inspiration TechnologyInspiration Technology Pty Ltd (ITPL) is a privately owned company founded to develop microwave modem technology, with a specialty in leading edge DSP technology. Based inAdelaide,South Australia, the company employs highly skilled engineers who focus on providing advanced efficiency and improved reliability of all products and processes, from research to final production. LongReach WirelessLongReach Wireless Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of LongReach Group Ltd, a 100% Australian owned electronics manufacturer listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (LRX). Previously known as AWA Communications, LongReach Wireless focuses on design, manufacturing and supply of high quality, high powered point-to-point microwave radios. LongReach microwave radios are deployed in over 50 countries and have a reputation for the highest reliability, even in the most inhospitable environments.

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