We couldn't see this one and not post something. The Miku Max is what happens when you take an electric kick scooter, beef it up … and then plonk a motorcycle-style top on it, leaving a curious bunch of empty space underneath.

In terms of basic specs, it looks like a practical little urban getabout. Peak power is 800 watts, from a Bosch motor in the rear hub, which will take you to 45 km/h (28 mph), a decent enough speed for the streets of Hanoi, or the kinds of crowded Asian cities they're designed for. Range is around 60 km (37 miles) – again, more than enough for daily duties for the majority of folk.

But this platform just bakes our noodles. The battery's in the floor section; you could literally pull the whole seat/"tank" unit off and ride it around standing up. Of course, that's not a tank, it's a little trunk where you can store things and access USB device charging points.

And yet, with its headlights, taillights and indicators, it's clearly a motorcycle. Your footpegs pop out from the battery case. So what's with the big chunk of space under the seat? With no cargo netting or doors, it's no good for carting things about.

But it sure is good at lookin' wacky. A Russian company is selling the Miku Max for 80,000 Roubles, or about US$1,170. There's a short video with Vietnamese subtitles below.

Source: MikuMaxRus via EVNerds

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