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Milli-Grip - a new take on the shifting spanner

Milli-Grip - a new take on the shifting spanner
The Milli-Grip adjustable spanner
The Milli-Grip adjustable spanner
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The Milli-Grip adjustable spanner
The Milli-Grip adjustable spanner

When you think you have come across all the tools that could possibly add any value, along comes a new one to the ranks. The Milli-grip spanner, from HTM Products of Sussex, is a "must have" for the home handyman. It is an adjustable spanner that fits metric nuts and bolts from 2mm through to 32mm, in 1mm increments. Through its ratchet system, it eliminates the slippage problems (and associated skinned knuckles) inherent in the traditional shifting spanner/wrench, with its worm-gear operation. Suitable for use by both left and right handed people, the Milli-grip can be adjusted to a precise fit with just one hand in a fraction of the time required with the old shifting spanner. Once locked onto the nut or bolt, it will not alter its setting during use.

About the Milli-Grip

The Milli-Grip is made from chrome vanadium, case hardened and finished in chemical black with a non-slip TPR (thermoplastic rubber) handle. It also features:

  • Jaws that will not open once set
  • Precision jaw-setting in 1mm steps
  • Fast one-handed operation
  • Soft touch, non-slip handle
  • Smooth jaws which aren’t serrated, so as to avoid damage to the bolt or nut

There are three models available:

  • The Standard Metric - with the traditional 200mm handle and jaws opening to 25mm.
  • A Wide Jaw Metric - with 32mm jaws, originally developed for the plumbing trade, but with a wide range of applications.
  • And the Imperial- the inch version with jaws opening in 1/16-inch increments to one inch, designed for classic cars and the US market, a new release to be featured at the Ideal Home Show


This versatile spanner is the brainchild of retired college lecturer Ian Harrison and it has won gold medals at the British Invention Shows of 2006 and 2007 for ‘Product Design’ and ‘Innovation’.

The recommended retail price for the Milli-grip25 is GBP 14.95 inc.VAT (USD $20 approx) and for the Milli-grip32 is GBP 17.95 inc.VAT (USD $25.60 ).

Australian readers can get their hands on a Milli-grip spanner from Cooper Hand Tools for around AUD30.

Customers can buy direct from the Milli-grip.

1 comment
1 comment
The problem with this adjustable spanner is that the piece that attaches to the adjustable jaw part extends outside the wrench. See the picture for details...Notice that metal bar coming out of the jaw pointing towards the bottom? That's bad...and potentially dangerous. If they can remedy this, then this would be a good spanner! Ed