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Upside-down smoothie blender keeps things quiet

Upside-down smoothie blender k...
Millo is made for making smoothies
Millo is made for making smoothies
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Millo is made for making smoothies
Millo is made for making smoothies
Millo's blades are located in its lid
Millo's blades are located in its lid

Perhaps you once got on a smoothie-making kick, but fell out of it because you didn't like washing the blender. If so, then you might like the Millo. It's a smoothie-specific blender that's less of a hassle to wash, plus it's reportedly only a quarter as loud as a regular blender.

Millo consists of an aluminum base unit with spinning magnets inside of it, along with a 710-ml (24-oz) glass top that's used both as a mixing chamber and as a cup. The lid for that top is where the mixing blades are located.

When the top is filled with ingredients and placed upside-down on the base (so the lid is at the bottom, keeping the ingredients sealed inside), the magnets cause the blades to spin with very little friction – this is claimed to result in less noise, along with less heat generated and less power being required.

You then just pull the top of off the base, turn it right side-up, open the lid, drink the smoothie, then twist the lid right off and rinse off the blades.

Millo's blades are located in its lid
Millo's blades are located in its lid

The base can be started and stopped using a built-in touch control, although an iOS/Android app (currently in the works) will also let you fuss with settings such as blending speed. Additionally, multiple lids can wirelessly communicate via NFC with one base, automatically setting it to each user's chosen parameters – different users' favorite smoothies might have different blending speeds and times, for instance.

Millo is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, where a pledge of £253 (about US$327) will get you one, when and if it reaches production. The planned retail price is £499 ($645).

Source: Kickstarter

so it's a magnetically driven "bullet" type blender. Really convenient - we use our bullet exactly that way. :)
I am guessing this one won't reach the market. For $34 I bought a ninja smoothie maker that came with two containers, each with their own blades, it easy to clean, and also quiet, you place the motor on top, no mess, no spills.
Oh its the "same" as a nutribullet , only worse (noise is a buproduct of doing work powerfully and quickly) with lots of cell-smashing cavitation).
I was getting excited with visions of a spinning cup with stationary blades, that would turn the smoothie world upside-down.
Warning, keep hands and long hair well clear or don't and add another sensation to that fruity drink.
Simple life hack: use a mason jar for smoothies in your average blender. No need to transfer your smoothie or clean another dish. I do like the idea of a much quieter blender. I don't like the average blenders high RPM's, either.
Costs more than a Vitamix and does much, much less. And it's a Kickstarter, so it's a completely unproven product from a team that has never brought a product to market. I wish them the best of luck, but that sounds like a terrible investment.