Mimic Go might look like a bubbly, chubby-version of a tracking tag (which it is) but that's only one of the tricks it has up its red, plastic sleeve. Not only can you track stuff around the world thanks to GPS, LTE-M & eSIM connectivity, but the Mimic Go can help prevent things from going missing in the first place. It can even alert you if someone approaches a room you'd like to keep secure. And light up your ride.

San Francisco-based Smart Mimic has dabbled in this area before, in fact using pretty much the same enclosure design and color, but this iteration of its IoT (Internet of Things) technology – launched this week on Indiegogo – sets itself apart from other offerings with its customizable triggers – or "Skills" as the team from Smart Mimic calls them.

You can use these Skills to set up a number of desired security scenarios, all powered by a smartphone-based (iOS/Android) app. You can also design your own Skills within the app and share these with the broader community of Mimic Go users. If you've ever used IFTTT (If This, Then That) or Zapier, then you'll know how intuitive – and easy – this method of task-based, layperson's programming can be.

Being able to fine-tune the Mimic Go opens up some interesting possibilities. You could, for example, put it inside your backpack, and set it to alert you if it's moved. That's fine if your pack is stationary, but what if you're walking in a crowd and want to know if someone's unzipping your pack while you're wearing it? In that instance, you'd set up a different scenario (or Skill), where the Mimic Go becomes heat-sensitive instead of vibration-sensitive and you're all set. The Mimic Go will now ignore your (and its) movement and will instead alert you when the bag is opened.

It could be attached to a bedroom door and set to wake you if someone opens it; placed in your car to get an alert when the interior becomes too hot; popped into a drawer so you know when the kids are trying to swipe your stash of chocolate or just used as a nightlight while camping.

The Mimic Go's advanced sensor algorithms pick up vibrations, temperature and human motion (it's reported smart enough to tell the difference between a thief and your cat walking into your study). The alarm options are equally diverse, from phone alerts and a piercingly loud (120 dB) alarm, to a range of illuminated responses up to 100 lumens.

The Mimic Go has some interesting features for bike owners too. In conjunction with the optional (Kevlar) Street Safe bike mount, Mimic Go goes a little further than just detecting theft and tracking your bike. If the unit's in bike-mode, it knows if it's "you" riding off on the bike or a thief (via proximity between the device and your smartphone). And when you set off on your ride, Mimic Go automatically becomes a tail-light. Nice touch.

The unit is 1.85 in (47 mm) square, weighs 1.4 oz (40 g), is dust-proof and water-resistant, and the battery is said to last three-months on a single charge. In addition to the GPS, LTE-M & eSIM connectivity (covering 100+ countries), Smart Mimic says the Go has a 2,000-foot (600 meter) Bluetooth 5.1 range.

"We are partnered with Nordic Semiconductor," comments Noyan Berker on the Indiegogo campaign page. "Mimic Go has Bluetooth 5.1 long-range technology. On top of that, we have an advanced antenna and software for the Bluetooth. This allows us to achieve 2,000 ft in the open-field."

eSIM support is via an optional monthly subscription of US$3.99-per-month (or free for the first year for all Indiegogo backers).

For some, the ability to simply and quickly protect your laptop in a cafe while you debate with the barista about Arabica vs. Robusta may be enough to justify buying a Mimic Go. For others, the ability to design more complex, task specific Skills could make it a must-have gadget. Either way, the campaign already looks like it's hit the right note with the marketplace, having achieved 155 percent of its $30,000 goal in the first three days.

Pledges start at $69 (a saving of 56 percent off the RRP) for a single Mimic Go. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to begin in January 2020. The pitch video from Smart Mimic can be seen below.

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