Miniature classic sports cars for the connoisseur

Miniature classic sports cars for the connoisseur
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October 29, 2004 A range of miniature classic sports cars has hit the market that combines elegance and detail with environmentally friendly emissions. Zoospeed has released a line of hand-made, exclusive reproductions of classic English sports cars and BMW has unveiled the pedal-powered MINI Cabrio ahead of the full-size versions due on sale very early in 2005.Both are aimed at serious collectors to cherish replicas of the larger counterparts as well as enjoy the working models as classic toys.

Zoospeed make exclusive, miniaturized classic sports cars hand-made with unsurpassed quality in Europe by the finest craftsmen and engineers.

The company's limited-edition replicas of Porsches and Jaguars are faithful reproductions of their larger counterparts and are built with precision and a meticulous attention to detail.

From the German elegance of the Porsche Spyder 550 and the Speedster to the British flair of the Jaguar XK 120 and E-type, whether you choose an electrically motorized or pedal powered car, each one of these little classics is sure to turn heads.


A motorised scale replica of Porsche's legendary and infamous 550 Spyder made famous by actor James Dean, this is the automobile that changed Porsche from an obscure brand into a household name. Porsche's 550 Spyder dominated racing in its day, besting larger and more powerful Italian and British machines.

Contemporaries proclaimed the superbly balanced and agile Spyder the greatest long distance racing car ever. To commemorate the 50 anniversary of the Porsche Spyder 550, Zoospeed have built a limited run of five hundred and fifty replica 550 Spyders.


The Jaguar is a reminder of the days of the classic English automobile. It conjures images of country roads, lush greenery and the wind in your hair, and has now come into it's own with these limited edition miniatures. Precision crafted down to the last detail each unique classic will invoke a passion for British racing once again. With its classic styling and exquisite detail this magnificent miniature is undoubtedly a must for any pint-sized car connoisseur.


If you're looking for the thrill of racing then Zoospeed's miniature racers will deliver. Their 1:2 scale Porsche 917-30 & 917-10 racers will fulfil your desire for speed. Inspired by the Porsche racing team of the early 1970's, these miniatures are powered by a gasoline motor which allows a top speed of 40mph, but that can also be restricted to 15mph for learning or safety purposes.

These sporty motors are fully functioning automobiles that can be driven by children aged 7-12 and still make a perfect centrepiece to any distinctive auto collection. Each car comes in a choice of a racing inspired paint scheme and has a full harness safety belt as standard equipment.

Tires are also available in wet weather pattern or racing slicks for road or track driving. Fast, stylish and fun, these powerful little race cars will exhilarate and electrify your senses.

Pricing starts at US $3,800 for the pedal version of the xk120 to US $12,000 for the gas powered racers. The electric Porsche 550 model sells for US $9,450 and the Speedster sells for US $10,300.


On the other end of the market, BMW has released the zero emission MINI for an on the road price of AU $399 including GST and dealer delivery, with a two year/unlimited km warranty.

Combining a light weight thanks to a steel spaceframe chassis clothed in high-tech composite body, a cut down windscreen for true low-rider styling and a unique centrally-mounted driving position, the new MINI Cabrio pushes the boundaries of automotive fun to new levels. Typical MINI attention to detail delivers genuine go-kart driving dynamics, a key-less start, environmentally compatible power train, roll-over bar, wide rubber tyres, unlimited headroom and an adjustable seat and pedals. Door mirrors, front grille, headlamps and chrome bright work accurately recreate the cheeky charm of the road-going MINI Cabrio, while a chunky steering wheel, excellent ergonomics and sturdy design.

Designed for 3-5 year-olds (up to 30kg) and their parents with its authentic MINI Cabrio styling and its Hot Orange paint scheme, the MINI is identical to the full-size petrol powered models for a fraction of the price and is available from MINI Garages across the world.

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