If your idea of a day out on the high seas is a gentle sail around the harbor, a few cold beers and perhaps a spot of fishing, then the Minx Model 18V Powerboat is not for you. We’ve already seen PWCs like the Samba hit 65mph but the Minx 18V, described as a ‘supercar for the water’, can reach speeds of up to 80mph (75mph without modification) and claims to be 15-20mph faster than any stock PWC or mainstream jet boat.

This is partly to do with a number of design and aerodynamic modifications that include ‘gull-wing’ shaped sides and bow to capture slip-streaming air, the ‘delta flair tail’ and ‘pointed droop-snout bow’ which work together to produce an extremely efficient high-speed ride attitude.

Unlike most other high-performance vehicles the four-seater Minx 18V is attempting to appeal to a broader market and with a starting price of USD$20,490 fills a gap between $12,00 jet skis and $30,000 current model speed boats.

The limited capacity allows for an efficient mix of high-speed and low-cost and since the boat rides so close to the water, Minx claims to offer a high-adrenaline experience similar to a go-kart or formula one race car, as well as solid turning, with no hopping or sliding, and a stable ride.

The basic package includes a Mercury 150 EFI two-stroke outboard motor and single axle trailer. For $1500 more you get a Mercury 150 OptiMax motor and trailer, while for $3700 more than the base price you get the added power of a Mercury 175 Pro XS OptiMax motor and trailer.

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