Many activity trackers give you a step target to walk towards, or an active minute target to count down each day, but while these metrics are easy to understand, they're often not the best measure of fitness or exercise. Along with its new Slice activity tracker, Mio is launching a new Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) system. This new metric gives you a score to reflect your body's response to exercise based on your heart rate.

Mio says its Personal Activity Intelligence algorithm is based on the HUNT Study, one of the largest health studies ever conducted, which saw more than 60,000 people monitored over 20 years. Rather than simply counting steps or distance, it measures your heart rate response to activity and takes into account your age and gender, resulting in a personalized activity target designed to push you to maintain optimal health.

Users are told to aim for a PAI score of at least 100, which is calculated over a seven-day period. Mio claims doing this could increase your lifespan by up to 10 years and provides maximum protection from lifestyle diseases. Because of the way the system works, it requires users to workout for different amounts of time and at different intensities to achieve a 100 PAI score depending on their user profile and heart rates.

To make checking your PAI score easy, Mio is also set to launch a new activity tracker called the Slice, which is being previewed at CES this week in Las Vegas. This upcoming device is slimmed down from some previous Mio wearables, but still packs in all day optical heart rate monitoring and features a big easy-to-read screen. It will come in a variety of colors including blue, green, purple and grey.

In addition to PAI, the Slice will be capable of tracking steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep. It will also feature vibration alarms and be able to receive smartphone notifications. While the Slice will initially be the only Mio tracker capable of showing your PAI score on the wrist, users of other Mio devices will be able to check this new metric via the app.

The Mio Slice is due to go on sale later this year priced at US$100. The Mio PAI app, which can also be used with Mio's current line of wearables, will be available later this month.

Source: Mio Slice

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