Short of having a robot bartender to pour you the perfect cocktail on a whim, you're probably best off mixing it yourself. The MixStik is designed to help, by showing what measures of each ingredient you need. Placed in a glass, its LEDs light up in different colors showing the quantity of each ingredient required.

The MixStik is used with an accompanying app for Android or iOS, and connects to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. Up to five MixStiks can be used with a single smartphone. The user can use the app to browse cocktail recipes or to find recipes based on the ingredients they have. It's also possible for users to customize recipes, make new recipes and share recipes using the app.

Each MixStik has 24 LEDs that can turn a variety of different colors. Once the user has selected a recipe using the app, the MixStik will become illuminated. Each section of color relates to an ingredient and this is indicated by the app. The size of each colored section, of course, is determined by the required measure of the relevant ingredient.

The LEDs are contained within a food-grade silicone waterproof casing, allowing them to be submerged and for the ingredients to be easily poured up to the top of each colored section. Magnified Self, the company behind the MixStik, says that it can be calibrated to a particular shaker or glass for increased precision.

The MixStik is powered by an internal rechargeable Li-ion battery, which can be recharged via a USB port. It also has a Cortex M0 + processor, an accelerometer and an open API, meaning it can be adapted by developers for other uses.

A Kickstarter campaign for the MixStik will begin at the end of this month. Users who pledge from US$39 will be able to receive a MixStik, assuming all goes to plan with the campaign and roll-out. Shipping is expected from the first quarter of 2016. Potential buyers might also want to check out the Barman, which guides users via the weight of the drink.

The video below shows the MixStik being used for making a mojito.

Source: MixStik

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