Mobile Telephone for Pets!

Mobile Telephone for Pets!
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March 7, 2006 PetsMobility Networks PetsCellular telephone for pets is a challenging concept.

If at first glance, it seems incredibly frivolous to give an animal a cell phone, welcome to the 21 st century and the dawning of a new world of ubiquitous computing. Over the coming years we will be notionally challenged many times as microprocessors, wireless communications and sensors of all types weave a rich virtual remote global network of information about us, ours and our assets.

At first glance it seems silly to wish to call an animal but the PetsCell is more a 2-way communication device that will also be available with an optional GPS tracking chip and a fibre optic camera for search and rescue applications.

Accordingly, it will be able to track a pet's exact whereabouts and in the case of accident, enable the owner to speak directly with humans in the vicinity. There is no doubt a pet would be safer with this device in operation and pet owners will have the peace of mind that if their pet is lost and someone finds their pet wandering the streets, with a simple press of a button on the mobile device, the auto dial will dial the owners home alerting them to retrieve their pet.

Whether the marketplace responds to the device is yet to be seen - PetsMobility intends to provide wireless communication products and services to the rapidly growing multi-billion dollar pet market and is seeking corporate alliances and partners to assist the company, pointing out that its patent pending PetsMobility PetsCell will be compatible with existing cellular and satellite GPS technology.

PetsMobility is seeking to partner with major industry participants such as; cellular network providers, automotive manufacturers, financial institutions, pet retailers, hardware manufacturers, pet food processors, as well as other companies from non-competing industries. PetsMobility will introduce both non-pet and pet industry participants into this opportunity via a cross-collaborative market segmentation model.

The PetsMobilityNetworks' marketing plan will allow key strategic partners to uniquely differentiate their brands and to position themselves as corporations who truly provide products and services to meet the needs for "each and every" member of the family.

Robb believes the considerable interest the PetsCell has already garnered is due to not only the "singular aspect" of the PetsCell, but more importantly the potential for many different niche market applications.

"The ability to talk to your pet from a distance on the pet's own cellular phone is definitely novel, but I envision the PetsCell having search and rescue, military, guide dog or even potentially patient and elderly care applications to name a few," said Cameron Robb, founder of the PetsCell.

Robb further added "Hopefully, the PetsCellwill help these companies to increase customer loyalty. In addition, I believe it will provide an opportunity for our corporate partners to tap into a completely new market segment, the $34 Billion dollar North American pet market."

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