Mobiledesk is an office desk designed for the car

Mobiledesk is an office desk designed for the car
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A new mobile office desk designed to occupy a car passenger seat promises a whole new world of organisation, productivity and safety for travelling professionals who do most of their work from behind the wheel of a car.

Anyone who has ever seen their briefcase go sailing into the footwell, or hunted around the car for lost documents, will recognise the potential of the AutoExec mobile desk in enabling travelling professionals to be properly organised when carrying their office in their car.

The problem of mobile offices was very familiar to Tony Roberts, of Mobile Desk Solutions. “I spent my early days as a travelling “rep”, juggling my diary, customer records and computer printouts on the passenger seat, just waiting for it all to hit the floor at the next sharp corner or sudden stop,” he said.

“Then, someone in the USA invented the AutoExec mobile desk and, like the man in the shaver ad, I liked it so much I bought the Australian rights to it.”

AutoExec sits neatly on the passenger seat, secured by the seatbelt. It combines a non-slip work surface for diaries and laptops, a spacious under-desk storage area, a slide-out writing desk that nearly doubles total workspace, and a two top-loading storage bins for everything from pens and calculators to A4 hanging files.

At a price of AUD$395, the AutoExec offers a prompt return on investment for the road warrior in terms of safety and productivity.

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