For students and others who need a method of carrying things around, but don't need something as large as a full-sized backpack, a drawstring bag can come in handy. The team at mochibags realized that while useful in such instances, the design was flawed. Their solution is a drawstring bag with cords that stay even and balanced all of the time.

The first problem with traditional drawstring bags is that the cords become uneven and unbalanced with repeated use. The second is the fact that there is really no easy way to open and close the bags.

To solve the first problem, the team simply moved the anchor points from the bottom of the bag to the top, near the opening. This forces even pulls when the bag is opened and closed, and as such, it keeps the strings neat and balanced for the life of the bag.

Another seemingly simple design change that goes a long way towards creating a more functional bag comes from the handles being placed at the top. This solves the second key problem, in that it makes the bag easier to open, with the user no longer prying their fingers in the bag. Additionally, they clip together, which creates a short handle for carrying the bag like a briefcase.

While not necessarily a problem with previous drawstring backpacks, a small zipper pocket was added to the side, which creates a place to store small items that a user wants to get access to quickly. On the other side of the bag, a D-ring has been added for carrying small items on the outside.

While nothing about this product is going to change the world, the thing I find interesting is how seemingly small design tweaks can totally change the function of a product. Apparently, Kickstarter backers agree, as mochilab's new drawstring backpack has blown past its US$10,000 goal.

Backers who would like to get their hands on a mochibag can do so for a pledge of $25. The company expects to deliver the final product by November of this year.

The pitch video below provides more information about the new drawstring backpack.

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