Job roles and requirements can change dramatically throughout our working lives, but chances are the desk that we spend much of our waking hours in front of doesn't. The Modulos Desk has been designed to cope with the ever changing demands of the modern workforce, with modules that bolt together to form a custom desk made up of rotating tablet docks, wireless charging zones, USB hubs and groovy pencil holders. Or whatever combination suits the task at hand. And when the job changes, so can the desk configuration.

The main building blocks of the Modulos system are the Basic and Rounded modules – a simple flat square and a rounded corner block. Custom desk assemblers can also choose to add a module with a hole for cables to slot through, a static or rotating tablet dock, a block with integrated USB ports, a module with a stylish metal power disk in the center, a wireless charging square and a module that helps prevent pens/pencils from rolling off the desk just when they're needed.

All of the 13.8 x 13.8 inch (35 x 35 cm) desktop modules are made from Croatian wood and are connected together using wooden and metal pins, in a similar manner to self assembly furniture bought from the likes of Ikea. There are a number of connection slots on the under side of each module, along with slots for wooden or aluminum legs.

The folks behind the project, which is currently raising production funds on Kickstarter, say that once properly assembled, a Modulos Desk should be "as solid as any regular desk surface and can hold considerable weight. The positioning of the connector screws ensures the downward force resilience, which was a conscious decision we made since force applied to a desk surface is exclusively downward."

The crowdfunding campaign has reached its goal, with a few days left to run. Pledges for a single Modulos module start at US159, with another $20 adding in four legs. An eight module desk with legs comes in at $985, while 10 modules plus four legs will bump the pledge level up to $1,215.

If all goes to plan, shipping is expected to start in November. Have a look at the pitch video below for more on the project.

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