Over the past few years the folks at Moment have been busy building lenses and accessories to give mobile cameras a boost. They are now turning this expertise to DJI's Mavic Pro and Zoom drones, producing a purpose-built anamorphic lens that owners of the aircraft can stick over the camera to give their captures some extra pizzazz.

Usually the reserve of professional cinematographers with high-end gear on hand, anamorphic lenses as opposed to spherical lenses are designed to allow standard film frames a wider range of aspect ratios. But they have also taken on a certain cinematic charm, something Moment brought to the world of iPhone users with its anamorphic lens attachment for the smartphone last year.

Its Moment Air anamorphic lens for DJI's Mavic 2 and Zoom attaches to the drone's camera with a custom-built mounting system, and tips the scales at less than 50 g (1.7 oz). This light weight paired with a counterweight built into the mount means the lens won't affect the performance of the delicate drone gimbal, according to Moment.

It says the lens uses the kind of cinema quality glass found in 4K cameras, and is finished with coatings designed to create dramatic flare from sunsets, headlights and the like. It has also designed ND filters that can be attached to the Moment Air for further control over the light entering the camera sensor and therefore more control over the shoot.

All are part of Moment's new Kickstarter campaign, where it is offering the Moment Air anamorphic drone lens for early pledges of US$199. A set of five ND filters plus a circular polarizer filter is available for a pledge of $99, with shipping for all the above slated for November this year if all goes to plan.

You can check out the pitch video below showing some vision captured using the new lens.

Source: Moment

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