After launching a pair of photography-improving lenses for smartphones last year, Moment is back on Kickstarter with a new case which aims to turn the iPhone 6 into an even better camera. The Moment Case features a multi-state shutter button enabling more traditional DSLR-like shooting, and a built-in mount which allows users to easily attach the firm's interchangeable lens.

The Moment Case is a slim case for the iPhone 6 which has been created to improve the experience when using the smartphone as a camera. Available in all-black or black and white color options, the polycarbonate case weighs 46 g (1.6 oz.) and features a lens mount interface, along with a raised grip which is home to a physical shutter button and camera strap mount.

A proprietary lens interface on the Moment Case means it's compatible with the firm's well-regarded Wide and Telephoto smartphone optics and, being built-into the case, it no longer requires users to attach a metal plate to the back of their phone. The mount is said to be strong enough that users can leave lenses mounted between shots, and when used in combination with the free Moment App, the lens attached can be automatically recognized.

However, the biggest feature of the Moment Case is probably the inclusion of a dedicated multi-state shutter button, something many iPhone photographers have longed for. This is powered by a coin cell battery and connects to the phone via Bluetooth LE. Said to be quick and responsive, the shutter button allows photographers to shoot in a manner more akin to using a traditional camera. Half-pressing will lock focus, while a full press will take a photo, holding the shutter down will trigger burst mode.

The case also includes a reinforced, machined aluminum bar under the raised grip which can be used to connect the majority of camera wrist or neck straps. This means the phone can be carried in the same way as a camera, where it's always ready to be used. While you probably wouldn't want to carry your phone around like this all the time, it's a good option to have if you are in a situation where you'll be taking a lot of photos.

The free iOS Moment App completes the case-lens-app Moment system. In addition to recognizing what lens is being used (if any) and offering relevant features, the app also allows more control by combining on-screen touch features with presses of the shutter button. For example, while the shutter button can be used for focus and exposure, sliding a finger on the screen can fine tune the lighting.

The Moment Case has already reached its US$100,000 funding target on Kickstarter and should start shipping in June. A pledge of $49 will get you an iPhone 6 Moment Case, while $125 is enough for the case and one Moment lens (Wide or Tele). If you want the case and both lenses, that'll be $199, and a $299 limited edition set with a walnut wood grip is also on offer. While the iPhone 6 is currently the only smartphone to be catered for, Moment says cases for other devices could follow.

You can check out the Moment Case Kickstarter video below.

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