Wearable baby monitors certainly appear an emerging trend, with recent efforts including a bodysuit packed with sensors and a smart sock to track your baby's vital signs. Taking yet another approach is US-based inventor Arturas Vaitaitis, whose Monbaby smart button can be attached to any item of clothing to monitor and provide analysis of your baby's sleeping patterns.

Looking like a large button, the device features a built-in MEMS 140-bit accelerometer to track motion, the baby's orientation, activity levels and breathing. These measurements are recorded five times per second and then relayed via Bluetooth 4.0 to a smartphone companion smartphone app.

The smartphone app then displays information in real-time, such as whether your baby is sleeping on its stomach or back, whether there is tossing and turning, or if it is about to wake up. Alerts can also be set through the app to pertain to particular conditions, for example, if your baby rolls over to lie on its stomach.

Further to the real-time tracking of sleep, Monbaby stores the collected data in the cloud, which the user can then access via a website to gain insights into broader sleep patterns and share the analysis with family or their doctor.

Monbaby has a Bluetooth range of 200 ft (61 m) and is powered by a 3-volt coin-cell battery, which the company says should be good for five weeks of constant, real-time monitoring or one year in passive mode.

Vaitaitis has turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for Monbaby where a pledge of US$79 will put you in line for the device along with the smartphone app. The app is currently only available for iPhone, but if the campaign reaches $100,000, the team will develop an Android version. Shipping is estimated for October 2014.

You can hear from Vaitaitis in his Kickstarter pitch video below.

Source: MonDevices

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