A new tablet stand called the Monkey Kit takes what users expect from a stand, which is obviously holding a tablet, and adds some creativity. Instead of being limited to just one position, the Monkey Kit is adaptable.

What makes Octa's Monkey Kit worth a second look is its versatility. It comes with a bendable arm called the Monkey Tail, that can be manipulated and placed in almost any position. Users can bend the arm into the shape of a base to sit on a desk or a table, or they can get a little more creative and use the arm as a hook. It can even be placed under a mattress like the Manatee stand.

The Monkey Tail portion of the device weighs in at about one pound (0.45 kg) and is three feet (0.9 meters) long, which should give it enough length to wrap around objects or form a sturdy stand for a tablet.

The Monkey Kit also includes what Octa calls the Vacuum Dock. Instead of a standard suction cup, which could be a little weak to hold a heavy tablet, the Monkey Kit's suction cup actually sucks the air out of the space between it and the tablet, which creates a tighter hold. Users pump the button five times, and then it is locked in place.

To release the Vacuum Dock, users slide their finger underneath a built-in tab and lift up. Alternatively, they can slide a credit card under the Dock to release the vacuum's grip.

Octa is planning for the future, and as such, the Vacuum Dock will work with future tails (including the already available Whale Tail), so buyers won't need to purchase additional docks if they decide to upgrade to a different tail.

The company has completed its funding period on Kickstarter. It had a US$20,000 goal, and it finished with $103,621. Now that the Kickstarter period is over, the retail price of the Monkey Kit will be $99 when it ships in April.

The Kickstarter pitch below introduces the Monkey Kit and provides more information.

Source: Octa

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