Italian based design studio Mandalaki has created a super sleek prefabricated tiny home, offering a smart alternative for those wanting to enjoy the tiny life. Located in Rhodes, Greece, Monocabin is a 28 sq m (301 sq ft) single bedroom cabin that doesn't miss a beat. The prototype is currently being used as an artist summer residence, however Mandalaki in collaboration with BoutiqueHomes has also released international sales for those wanting to purchase their very own Monocabin. The dwelling can be ready for use in just seven days once delivered on site.

"We wanted to design a house crafted around the look and function of what a person actually needs during their holidays," George Kolliopoulos, Mandalaki's Co-Founder and Brand Director tells BoutiqueHomes. "It ended up being a 28 square meter space. This dimension was created as we learned more about what a person needs for the perfect summer getaway. Then the crafting was conceived around concrete panels with a degree of modularity. The approach was all about using a process of industrial design more than an architectural one."

The Monocabin features a free-flowing interior design, eliminating the need for doors, while also providing space and privacy. The home features an open master bedroom with elevated windows; combined living and dining area with European wall kitchen; private bathroom complete with basin, toilet and over-bath shower; and a large outdoor terrace, ideal for entertaining or relaxing under the sun or stars. The home also boasts a central "Smart Wall" that houses the dwelling's water heater, air conditioning and electrical components.

Monocabin is built with 20 cm (7.9 in) thick prefabricated walls made from fiber-reinforced concrete, chosen for its optimum insulation, acoustics and longevity. The home is height adjustable to suit a range of terrains and has been certified earthquake- and hurricane-resistant. The facade can be personalized with a variety of finishes, including traditional paint, wood panels or stone tiles. Monocabin can also be adapted to come with a prefabricated swimming pool; terrace roller blinds and rooftop solar panels.

"Monocabin explores the desire to juxtapose the sleek, streamline design of a modern structure with the organic environment of the surrounding nature into a livable design object," says Mandalaki. "The crafting is conceived around concrete panels with a degree of modularity which makes this house not only easy to install but extendable to any desires. The dream was to build a livable and modular design object we could place anywhere in the world sharing our design philosophy."

Mandalaki has expanded on the original project further by releasing floorplans for three different versions, including the 27 sq m (290 sq ft) Monocabin M; 34 sq m (366 sq ft) Monocabin L and the 63 sq m (678 sq ft) Monocabin XL. Prices for the Monocabin M start from US$45,000 excluding appliances or furniture, taxes and shipping costs. The home can be ready for delivery within three months and installed onsite in seven days.

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