After leaking on a retailer's online store last week, Moog has now officially unveiled the Moog One – its first polyphonic analog synthesizer in more than 35 years and new flagship. And it's a beast.

Moog describes the One as a "deeply immersive sound design tool, a powerful performance instrument." It's available as an 8-voice or 16-voice variant, either coming with three new dual-output triangle core analog voltage-controlled oscillators with ring and frequency modulation. Each oscillator can be tweaked by the player to create a mix of triangle/sawtooth wave and variable-width pulse wave, offering "complex waveforms not typically found in analog synthesizers."

The One comes packing four wide-range low frequency oscillators, three Delay/Attack/Hold/Decay/Sustain/Release envelope generators, and each of the three independently addressable polysynths has its own 64 step sequencer, arpeggiator and FX library (including chorus, delay, phase and a suite of reverbs from Eventide).

Out front is a 61 note Fatar TP-8S keyboard with velocity and aftertouch, pitch and modulation wheels sit to the left and there's an X/Y pad too. Angled above are 73 knobs and 144 buttons on the front panel for shaping sounds. And everything is wrapped up in a hand-finished ash and aluminum enclosure.

When on stage or in the studio, a "Performance Set" module can be accessed via the front panel's Bank/Preset buttons to tap into 64 presets. Many thousands more presets can be stored in the One's internal browser.

An Ethernet port around back allows for a cabled internet connection, giving Moog technicians at the company's Ashville factory direct access to the One for remote diagnostics and servicing. Also to the rear, you'll find two pairs of stereo outputs, 5-pin DIN and USB MIDI, configurable CV ins and outs and two external audio inputs supporting both XLR and 0.25-inch jack connections.

The 8-voice Moog One will ship later this month for US$5,999, while the 16-voice model comes in at $7,999. The new Moog flagship is introduced in the video below.

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