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More musical chairs - RelaX-I and Xsoothe

More musical chairs - RelaX-I and Xsoothe
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October 18, 2006 Ace Bayou, the people who gave us the X Rocker I and II musical rockers, is expanding its range of X sound furniture with new models named the RelaX-I (pictured) and Xsoothe. As with the X Rocker, the chairs offer a new level of media immersion in more comfort and style that ever before. These black and brown leather full recliners have an optional built-in massage feature and a built-in, high-quality sound system which connects to a variety of the most popular media devices including MP3 players, gaming consoles, DVD players and most home theater systems.

The RelaX-I and Xsoothe join Ace Bayou’s growing X functional line of furniture which combines attractive styling with multi-functional applications such as storage, surround-sound, wireless data and audio transmission, and massage. Other products in the X line include bean bag chairs, storage boxes, benches and lounge chairs.

The RelaX-I and Xsoothe use Audio Force Modulation (AFM), a unique sound-system technology designed specially for the chair. It incorporates vibration to deliver the complete audio experience for the customer. Using the open space inside the chair, this patent-pending technology amplifies sound, increases sound quality and enhances the user experience. The chair also features built-in speakers in its frame, which uses the AFM technology to intensify audio delivery.

Key features of the RelaX-I and Xsoothe include:

* Maximum Sound Output of 80 Watts – Headrest speakers with a built-in subwoofer deliver high-performance sound* High Performance Amplifier and Patent-Pending Sound Technology – AFM technology produces superior sound quality; base vibrations enhance the customer experience* Design Features – Foldable construction, optional massage feature, full recliner, ergonomic design and adjustable footrest

View gallery - 4 images
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