Since 2008, Phoenix-based Bivouac Camping Trailers has been offering stout, versatile camping trailers meant to haul recreational gear deep into the wild and set up camp for a night or more. The new MOAB Gobi breaks the mold of cargo box + pop-out tent, giving BCT buyers the option of a rugged teardrop with go-anywhere grit. Also new to the line, the MOAB Crawler is a tiny aluminum box built to go "where no MOAB has gone before."

Since launching its company-defining MOAB Fort trailer, BCT has designed a number of well-equipped expedition trailers to meet the diverse needs of off-road travelers and adventurers. In browsing its line, we were particularly intrigued by the MOAB Yak, a toy hauler built to carry ATVs, UTVs or dirt bikes atop its specially designed deck. Below the deck, it features a cargo bay with more than 82 cu in (1,344 cu cm) of storage capacity. That cargo area can be used to carry basic tools and gear or it can be equipped with a slide-out tray holding a fold-out Tepui tent for up to three people. The design is an innovative way of offering a compact trailer that can tow motorized off-road vehicles and still offer overnight camping capabilities.

BCT did not have the Yak on display at Overland Expo, but the room it saved was dedicated to showing its two latest designs, the MOAB Gobi and MOAB Crawler. Both trailers appear to be solid additions to the off-road trailer market.

BCT's first teardrop trailer, the MOAB Gobi is a burly off-roader fully equipped for multi-day camping. It includes a 7-in foam mattress for two, a dual-burner cooktop hooked up to a 20-lb propane tank, a 24-US gal (91-L) water tank, a tankless propane water heater for the outdoor shower, and an electrical system with charger, inverter, 12/110V outlets and LED lights. The base price for a model with such equipment is US$14,995. An optional rooftop tent increases sleeping capacity, and buyers can also add the available refrigerator.

The Gobi measures 13 feet (4 m) in overall trailer length, with the teardrop box stretching along 9 feet (2.7 m) of that overall length. It includes torsion axles and electric brakes. BCT lists 31-in off-road tires on aluminum wheels as standard but also says that the customer can select from other wheel/tire sizes. The two-person cabin has a door on each side for easy entry and exit.

BCT's other new trailer, the MOAB Crawler, is so compact that it almost looks like a model trailer upon first glance. The 400-lb (181-kg) trailer is built to be lighter and more maneuverable than other off-road trailers, allowing it to hitch a ride with smaller vehicles like the pictured UTV. The aluminum cargo chest (can be smooth metal or diamond plated as pictured) prices in at $3,995 when equipped with the two-person Tepui Ayer tent top, 48 x 30-in (122 x 76-cm) folding table and shovel/axe/gun/gear rack on the inner lid. BCT can also swap out a set of road tires for those looking for a light, versatile trailer for pavement-only use and can add a kitchen area or shelf for an additional charge.

The off-road camper market is highly customer-driven, and BCT works with customers to design a trailer around their specific needs. While both the MOAB Crawler and MOAB Gobi include standard packages, BCT president and cofounder Rick Russek told us that the company can remove or change package options as requested. A base-level Crawler, basically a towable gear chest without tent, table or gear rack, costs $2,995, and a base Gobi, essentially an empty teardrop box atop off-road chassis, prices in at $8,000.

Both the Crawler and Gobi models launched about a month ago, and BCT is now taking orders.

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