A major shortcoming of fitness trackers is that they aren't always that fashionable. One startup is addressing the problem by making what is probably the smallest full-featured activity tracker we've seen yet. The Motiv Ring is exactly what it sounds like, a device to track your sleep, heart rate, steps and activities, all wrapped right around your finger.

Motiv Ring isn't the first knuckle-worn fitness tracker – the Ōura ring with many of the same capabilities has been around for over a year now, but it's more expensive and chunky than the lightweight titanium Motiv, that's only 8 mm wide.

For a retail price of US$199, the waterproof Motiv Ring boasts an optical heart rate sensor, a three-axis accelerometer and up to five days of run time per charge of its lithium-ion battery.

A discreet fitness tracker that's capable of tracking as much as the Ring promises is actually tough to come by these days. Most bracelet trackers without LED screens like the Fitbit Flex 2 or Jawbone UP line don't have optical heart rate tracking to provide a more complete picture of your fitness level.

The Motiv Ring will be available in seven different sizes and in either slate gray or rose gold. It also comes with a nifty portable USB keyring charger to juice up your ring on the go. See how it works in the promotional video below:

We will have to wait and see just how accurate and functional the Motiv Ring is when compared to an ever-expanding field of fitness trackers. It's being unveiled this week at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, and the company is currently taking pre-orders. Shipments should begin sometime in the Northern Hemisphere spring of 2017.

Source: Motiv

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