Google-owned Motorola is going after the middle of the smartphone market in a big way with its new Android flagship, the Moto X. At the heart of the device is Motorola's "X8" chipset, made up of a dual core Qualcomm S4 CPU, a quad-core Adreno GPU and two more cores that the company calls its "contextual core."

While it may sound nerdy, Moto X's ability to understand its role in the world around it at any given time is something that Motorola hopes will be a major selling point to consumers who might otherwise opt for an iPhone or the latest name brand Android handset from the likes of Samsung.

A key part of Moto X's hyper-awareness is its ability to constantly listen for its owner to say "OK, Google Now," which wakes up the phone and activates the Google Now voice-activated personal assistant.

Gizmag was on hand at the official unveiling of the Moto X in New York this week and I was given a walk-through of the phone's "touchless" features and overall contextual awareness. Watch the video below from that event to see a demonstration by a Motorola rep, as well as the low-down on the customization options for the Moto X.

For even more details on the latest from Motorola, see my earlier post from the event.

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