This year, Motorola opted to launch two Moto X smartphones in the place of one. With a lower resolution display and not quite high-end internals, the Moto X Play is the lesser of the two, but how does it stand up against the company's budget wonder, the third generation Moto G?


Despite the difference in display size (more on that later), the two handsets have a similar footprint, with the Moto X Play measuring in just 4 percent taller and wider than its lower-end sibling. On the other hand, this year's Moto G is 6 percent thicker than the Play.


The Moto X Play is 9 percent heavier than the Moto G.

Build (frame)

Though less premium than Motorola's other Moto X handset (known as the Style or Pure Edition depending on your region), the Play still sports a metal frame, besting the Moto G's plastic offering.

Build (back)

Both devices offer plastic rear covers.


The 2015 entry in the Moto G line marks the first time prospective users have been able to customize the smartphone via the company's Moto Maker service. That means that you'll be able pick back cover and accent colors on either device.

Display size

While the two handsets have pretty similar footprints, the Moto X Play packs a larger panel, offering 21 percent more screen real estate.

Display resolution

That larger screen brings with it a higher resolution, with the Moto X Play packing 37 percent more pixels per inch than you'll find on the Moto G's panel.

Fingerprint sensor

Neither device offers a fingerprint sensor.


The Moto G's storage options tops out at 16 GB, while the Moto X Play is available in a more expansive 32 GB variation.


Either device allows you to expand available storage via a microSD card.


Neither processor here is top-of-the-line, but the Moto X Play's octa core chip is the more capable of the two.


The amount of memory you'll find in the Moto G is linked to how much storage you opt for. The 8GB option ships with 1 GB RAM, while the 16 GB version packs a more capable 2 GB memory.


One of the standout features of the Moto X Play is the high capacity of its battery – it's actually bigger than the one you'll find in the more premium Moto X Style (Pure Edition).

Removable battery

You won't be able to swap out the battery on either of Motorola's new smartphones.

Water resistance

While the Play will stand up to the odd splash, the third generation Moto G actually features some solid water resistance tech. With an IPX7 rating, it should hold up to being immersed in up to 1 m (3.3 ft) of water.

Camera megapixels

There's a big difference in megapixel count when it comes to rear shooters, but both handsets pack 5 MP cameras up front.

Camera aperture

Both rear cameras feature an ƒ/2.0 aperture.


One of the best things about Motorola's modern smartphones is the stock Android experience they provide. Both the Moto X Play and 2015 Moto G ship with Lollipop installed.


The Moto G is available to purchase right now, while the Play is expected to arrive later this month. There is a big caveat here though – unlike the Moto X Style (or Pure Edition), the Moto X Play isn't scheduled for release in the US.

Starting price (full retail)

Motorola hasn't announced an official price point for the Moto X Play just yet, but it has said that it'll launch around US$300-400 less than competing flagship handsets.

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