With large, pixel-packed screened and high-end internals, both the Nexus 6 and Moto X Style (or Pure Edition for those in the US) are compelling devices. They're also both manufactured by Motorola, and even look pretty similar. Let's compare their specs and features.


The Moto X Style isn't exactly a small handset, but the Nexus 6 has a larger footprint, measuring 4 percent taller and 9 percent wider than its rival.

The Style is 10 percent thicker than the Nexus.


There's very little difference between the two devices on the scales: the Moto X is just 3 percent lighter.

Build (frame)

Both handsets have metal frames.

Build (back)

The Nexus 6 is available in midnight blue and cloud white backs – both made of matte plastic.

There's a lot more choice when it comes to the Moto X, which is available with various different materials on its back cover, and with a choice of back and accent colors via the company's Moto Maker service.

Display size

The Moto X Style's display is anything but small, but the Nexus 6 gives you 9 percent more screen real estate.

Display resolution

Both panels are extremely sharp, offering the same top-tier Quad HD resolution. Thanks to its smaller screen size, the Style packs 5 percent more pixels per inch.

Display type

We're used to seeing AMOLED panels on Moto X line smartphones, but the company opted for a TFT screen this time around.

Fingerprint sensor

You won't find a fingerprint sensor on either smartphone.


You'll get a choice of storage capacity with both smartphones, but only the Moto X Style is offered in a 16 GB variant.


Only the Moto X smartphone packs a microSD card slot.


The Style's processor isn't quite top-of-the-line, but its 64-bit, hexa core nature makes it more capable than the Nexus 6's 2014 chip. That doesn't however, stop the Nexus smartphone from providing a buttery-smooth Android experience.


Both devices pack a healthy 3 GB memory.


The Nexus 6 offers a slightly higher capacity battery than its rival.

Removable Battery

Neither smartphone allows the user to swap in a fresh battery.

Fast charging

Both handsets include fast charging tech. According to Motorola, if you're using the supplied charger with the Moto X Style, you'll be able to get an extra 10 hours battery life out of a 15 minute charge.

Wireless charging

The Nexus 6 has built-in wireless charging tech, something Motorola left out of its 2015 flagship.

Camera megapixels

The Moto X Style packs more megapixels in both its front and rear cameras.

Camera aperture

Both rear shooters offer a ƒ/2.0 aperture – a number we've been seeing a lot of in high-end 2015 flagships (the LG G4 takes the cake with ƒ/1.8).


Whichever handset you opt for, you'll be running stock Android Lollipop right out of the box.


By the time the Moto X Style ships, the Nexus 6 will have been available for ten months. We'll likely see at least one new Nexus before the year ends.

Starting price (full retail)

The Moto X Style comes in at $100 cheaper than the Nexus 6's current pricing. Is that 9 percent bigger screen – and wireless charging – worth an extra Benjamin? That's going to be a big part of your decision.

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