Motorola and LG's 2015 flagships have a lot in common, packing the same processor, display resolution and more. The companies generally play to their respective strengths, with the G4 offering a great display and camera, with the Moto X Style (known as the Pure Edition in the US) standing as the cheaper and more customizable one.


The two devices have the same width, but the Moto X Style is 3 percent taller and 13 percent thicker than its rival.


Motorola's smartphone is 15 percent heavier than LG's.

Build (frame)

The Moto X Style offers a metal frame, while the G4 opts for a plastic finish around its edges that makes the handset feel less than premium.

Build (back)

Motorola's Pure Edition handset can be configured with different materials on its back cover, while the G4 is available with a choice of plastic and leather finishes.

Display size

Both smartphones offer generous displays, but the Moto X's is a little larger, providing 7 percent more display real estate.

Display resolution

The two panels offer the same high-end resolution, but the G4's screen is a little smaller, meaning it'll provide 3 percent more pixels per inch. You won't likely be able to notice that difference by eye.

Display type

Motorola usually uses AMOLED panels in its Moto X line, but it opted for TFT for this year's release.

Fingerprint sensor

You won't find a fingerprint sensor on either device.


Motorola offers a choice of three storage tiers, while LG only provides just one.


Both devices allow the user to increase available storage space via a microSD card slot.


You'll find the same high-end (though not quite top-of-the-line) chip in both LG's and Motorola's 2015 flagships.


It's the same story when it comes to memory, with both handsets packing 3GB RAM.


You'll find a large, 3,000mAh battery in both devices.

Removable battery

Very few of 2015's flagship handsets have allowed the user to switch out their battery, but the G4 bucks the trend.

Camera megapixels

If you're counting rear camera megapixels, then the Motorola handset will win out here. It's a different story when it comes to front-facing shooters though, with the LG smartphone packing a whopping 8 MP selfie camera.

Camera aperture

Many of 2015's high-end smartphone cameras feature ƒ/2.0 aperture, but the G4 goes one better, with a wider ƒ/1.8 offering.


As with other Moto line smartphones, you'll get a stock Android experience with the Style. LG opts for a skinned version of Lollipop, but its treatment of the OS is fairly tasteful, and doesn't mess too much with Google's core vision.


By the time the Moto X Style hits shelves, the G4 will have been available for five months – at least based on its Korean launch (the G4 didn't launch in the US until June).

Starting price (full retail)

This is one category where the Moto X Style really shines, coming in a full $150 cheaper than the very similarly specced LG handset.

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