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Motorcycle and pushbike helmet heads-up Display

Motorcycle and pushbike helmet heads-up Display
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The creators of the world's first personal Heads Up displays have just created a powerful new feature - radar detection display. The SportVue MC2 alerts motorcycle riders of the presence of radar in a personal helmet-mounted display. Using radar detectors on a motorcycle is difficult because of increased road, traffic and wind noise. And it's hard to mount a detector so the rider can see the display. SportVue MC2 is the answer - indeed, it's hard to argue against the display not offering a degree of safety for motorcycle racing too - and it'd be handy to know your laps times as you're doing them so you know what's working on the stopwatch. It'd be more than handy to know how close the guy behind is and who it is too. For road riders, we've been mightily impressed with this idea since we first wrote about it. The addition of radar is an absolute no brainer for the sports motorcyclist.

The powerful, patented SportVue for motorcycles is the first display system of its kind. It mounts onto full-face helmets and gives riders faster access to speed, rpm, gear and now radar.

The new MC2 unit is compatible with most existing radar detectors. The data appears in a personal display, focused at infinity. This breakthrough technology frees the rider from distracting glances down at dash-mounted displays and allows the rider to see data even while cornering.

Now there's also some really interesting functionality that can be added with the addition of the Veypor VR2 advanced datalogger which offers the ability to capture data in real time - now this can be ported directly to your brain in real time as well as saved for later analysis with a computer. There's also a relationship being developed to enable Competition Data Systems to display their datalogging system through the MC2 which would enable some fascinating functionality for car and motorcycle racing. Competition Data Systems offers a display unit and software which has functions such as a lap time predictor, segment times report, handling wizard and a throttle and braking map.

We can't imagine that this type of data being beamed directly to a rider/driver would not result in better lap times.

The MC1 and MC2 units retail for US$349 to US$389 while the manufacturer, Motion Research also makes heads-up units for bicycles, sky diving, with a specialist karting application coming soon.

View gallery - 8 images
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